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27 IT Jokes That Will Hack Your Funny Bone!

We compute that these IT jokes will leave you laughing! Check out these funny IT jokes and find out which one is your favourite! They've got real byte!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

If you're in need of some computer based lols, you're in the perfect place! You're sure to connect with these funny IT jokes! Download these to your hard drive, and enjoy! And if you liked these, why not tech a look at our Computer Jokes? We've also got Phone Jokes if you're looking for more funny ways to phone it in! And there's also Internet Jokes if you need jokes with broadband appeal! And as per usual, there's even more lols on our Jokes Main Page!

Why should you never use 'Beef Stew' as a password?

It's not stroganoff!

Which computer sings 'Someone Like You'?

A Dell!

Did you hear about the computer photographer?

They took screenshots!

What do computer programmers wear when they go swimming?


What sort of money do computers use?


Why did the keyboard maker get fired?

Not enough shifts!

How do you get a job at Microsoft?

You have to excel in the interview!

What does a computer do when it's too hot?

Turn on the fan!

Why did the PowerPoint cross the road?

To get to the other slide!

What do computers eat?


Why was the computer late for work?

Hard drive!

Why was there a spider on the computer?

She was making a website!

Why was the computer cold?

Someone left the Windows open!

What shoes do computers wear?


Where do mice hang out?

At the mouspad!

There are 10 types of people

People who understand binary, and people who don't!

Why was the computer so hyper?

Too much Java!

Where do birds store their photos?

On the cloud!

What happens if you plug the Titanic in?

It starts syncing!

What happens if you type in the cold?

You get typothermia!

Why did the Wifi routers get married?

They had a real connection!

Have you heard of the band 1023 megabytes?

They're good, but they don't have a gig yet!

How is a printer like Bob Marley?

It's always jammin'!

I love the F5 key

It's so refreshing!

I need a pass word 8 character long...

So I chose Snow White and the seven Dwarfs!

What does a baby computer call its father?