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20 Internet Jokes That Will Ex-Site You!

These funny internet jokes will really connect with you! Check out these funny jokes all about being online and see which one makes you laugh the most!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

These funny internet jokes are guaranteed to make you laugh - they've got broadband appeal! If you enjoyed these, we've got loads more - If you're looking for gaming jokes, we've got Minecraft Jokes here! Or how about some funny cartoon jokes? And of course we've got even more jokes on our jokes page!

How do birds find stuff they like online?

The owl-gorithm!

Where do you find boats online?

Google docks!

What's a bird's favourite website?


What do you call an online potato?

A You-Tuber!

What do you call a sick online celeb?

An Instagram Influenza!

What does a computer use to buy things?


Why was the volcano annoyed?

It couldn't find a good hotspot!

Why is Wi-Fi so bad in Russia?

Because they use the inter-nyet!

Why is complimentary Wi-Fi so good?

It's always saying nice things!

Why shouldn't you use a sausage's Wi-Fi?

It's the wurst!

What's Wes Anderson's favourite browser?

Fantastic Mr Firefox!

Why should you never go camping on the internet?

There's too many bugs!

Why did the mummy stay in his tomb?

He wanted to be encrypted!

Why did PowerPoint cross the road?

To get to the other slide

Why should you always plug your apple phone into a carton?

To give it some juice!

what do you call two monkeys who share an Amazon account?

Prime mates!

Where do birds keep their photos?

On the cloud!

Why does the cookie monster love going online?

He always accepts cookies!

Which key is always trying to get off the keyboard?

The escape key!

What do internet users tie their hair up with?

A bandwidth!