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30 Best & Funniest Jokes of the Year for Kids 2023

Another year, another set of side-splittingly silly gags! Check out Beano's best jokes 2023!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 2nd 2023

You asked for jokes so here they are: the best jokes of 2023 (so far)!

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Cripes! That's a lot of jokes!

“Dad, there’s a man at the door with a moustache”

“Tell him I’ve already got one!”

Did you hear about the slice of bread who was a criminal mastermind?

They were on the police's toast wanted list!

Why did Molly knit her grandson 3 socks?

She heard he'd grown a foot!

What kind of needlework is angry?

Cross stitch!

Why did the manager bring a pencil and paper to the match?

They were hoping for a draw!

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What did Dory order from McDonald's?

The Big MacKerel!

Did you hear about the computer photographer?

They took screenshots!

Which farm animal always knows the time?

The watch dog!

When should you take a plum to dinner?

If you can't find a date!

What do you call a wrestler who always comes in second place?

The Penultimate Warrior!

I'm not saying I'm unfit...

But I just tried mud wrestling and the mud won!

I didn't like skydiving school

So I dropped out!

Why couldn’t Captain America find Thor’s brother?

He was Low-key!

What did one strand of DNA say to the other?

'Stop copying me!'

I quit my job as a postman when they gave me my first letter to deliver

I thought, this isn't for me!

What's a cheetahs favourite colour?


Did you here about the injured pony?

It’s in a stable condition!

What do trumpets and police investigations have in common?

Everyone is relieved when the case is closed.

These toy helicopters are really popular...

They're flying off the shelves!

What do skateboarders do when they're really talented?

They GoPro!

Where do you learn to skate?

At boarding school!

Why did the Olympic villain hate Simone Biles and Sky Brown?

He’d’ve got away with it without those medalling kids!

Where does a spy go to the toilet?

A gents!

A spy dressed as Sherlock Holmes

How do astronomers organize a party? 

They planet!

I can kayak…


How do you identify a dogwood tree?

By its bark!

Which animal is best at basketball?

A score-pion!

After Star Wars, what's Darth Vader's favourite movie?

Vaders of the Lost Ark!

What do dogs have for breakfast?

Pooched eggs!

What does a tiger wear in the winter?

A stripy jumper!