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History Jokes

Funny history jokes from the Beano for a brain-enhancing revision break!

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Last Updated:  July 8th 2021

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Fun fact: The worlds oldest jokes is traced back to 1900BC. It turns out fart jokes were as funny back then as they are now! 

How did Viking sailors communicate?

Using Norse code!

Viking warrior standing on a beach

History warning: Where would you find a camel in Roman Britain?


What potato can be found in the Roman Coliseum?


A Roman walks into a cafe...

She holds up 2 fingers and says, I'll have 5 coffees please!

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Why did the Pharaoh visit the dentist?

Because Egypt his tooth!

What mouse was a Roman Emperor?

Julius Cheeser!

What was the atmosphere like when the past, present and future walked into class?


How did the Romans cut their hair?

With a pair of Caesars!

Why was 500AD to 900AD known as the Dark Ages?

Because those were the days of the knights!

In Great Britain, where are kings and queens crowned?

On the head!

How did the Vikings send secret messages?

Norse code!

Why is the pharaoh always boasting?

He sphinx he's the best!

What do you call dogs who did up ancient artefacts?


Why was the archaeologist sad?

His career was in ruins!

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Why is history like a fruit cake?

It's full of dates!

How are feet like ancient stories?

They're leg-ends!

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