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20 Masked Singer Jokes That Will Be a Total Surprise!

Tell these Masked Singer jokes to your friends and watch the reaction! Love the Masked Singer? There's no way you won't love our puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 8th 2024

It's time for some Masked Singer jokes! If Masked Singer is your favourite show, you're guarunteed to love these silly jokes all about the contestants! Have you guessed who everyone is yet? And if you liked this, why not check out some catty Garfield jokes? Or for more showbiz laughs, check out these celebrity jokes! You might even be in the mood for some brilliant Boss Baby jokes! And you can check out hundreds more laughs on our main jokes hub!

Why is the Eiffel Tower such a good disguise?

Non one can-can see you!

I loved seeing the Eiffel tower on Masked Singer...

It was one of the high points!

What's Eiffel Tower's favourite sport?

High jump!

What's Owl's favourite subject?


What will Owl be called when they're unmasked?

A Spotted Owl!

Does Owl really care about winning?

They don't give a hoot!

What do you call Owl on a bad day?


What is Eiffel Tower's favourite song genre?

Heavy metal!

Why did Eiffel Tower do so well on Masked Singer?

It was a real tower of strength!

What do you call Bigfoot's dance moves?

Big Footloose!

What's the best way to remember Bigfoot's time on the show?

With a pho-TOE!

What is Bigfoot's favourite sweet?


I was really sad when Dippy Egg left...

I thought he was EGGcellent!

Do you know who Nicky Campbell was on the Masked Singer?

Oh, it would take too long to EGG-splain!

It's a shame Melody Thornton got voted off Masked Singer...

Next time she MAY POLE higher!

Now that Dionne Warwick has gone...

I'm not sure WEATHER or not to keep watching!

Here's hoping Piranha wins...

And snaps up the prize!

What is Air Fryer's favourite day of the week?


What is Rat's favourite type of song?

Cheesy music!

What happens when Cricket sings?

You get Cricket noises!