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20 Boss Baby Jokes You'll Want to Crib!

These Boss Baby jokes will pacify anyone! Don't be a dummy, check out these 20 funny Boss Baby jokes and have a laugh!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 21st 2024

Are you ready for these hilarious Boss Baby jokes? It's time to find out! We've put together 20 funny Boss Baby jokes that will surely pacify you! And if you liked these, how about some more funny film jokes? Maybe you're in the mood for some side-splitting Despicable Me jokes? Or how about these lol worthy Kung-Fu Panda jokes? And you will definitely love these whimsical Wonka jokes! And for more laughs, go straight to our pun-filled jokes hub!

When does Boss Baby change his nappy?

In the wee wee hours!

Why is Boss Baby so smart?

He wasn't born yesterday!

What does Boss Baby do at Thanksgiving?

He cries fowl!

I don't want to make jokes about Boss Baby being born...

The delivery would be too painful!

How do you know Boss Baby is in charge?

He stands around and does nothing!

Why wouldn't Boss Baby go to sleep?

He was resisting a rest!

What's Boss Baby's superhero name?

The Pacifier!

Why is Boss Baby a boy?

He was male delivery!

How do you know if Boss Baby has a wet nappy?

He sends you a wee-mail!

Where does Boss Baby work?

The Stork Market!

Why is Boss Baby still in nappies?

Two reasons: number one, and number two...

Why did Boss Baby have a pet lizard?

He wanted a baby monitor!

How does Boss Baby communicate with other babies?


What's Boss Baby's favourite food?

Tater Tots!

Which app does Boss Baby use to look for love?


What do you call Boss Baby when he's upset?

Cross Baby!

What do call a baby in a suit covered in plants?

Moss Baby!

How did Boss Baby appear?

He turned up stork naked!

How does Boss Baby get in touch with his grandparents?


How do you know that Boss Baby is high tech?

He was born cordless!