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20 Chop-Tastic Kung Fu Panda Jokes!

These Kung Fu Panda jokes will have you and your friends laughing so hard, there'll be total panda-monium!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2024

It's time to start your training - in comedy, that is! Join Po and pals for some hilarious kung-fu themed laughs. You'll be a comedy master in no time!

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What does Po use to cook?

A pan, duh!

Who lives in Neverland, has four paws and is GREAT at kung fu?

Peter Panda!

What’s black and white and red all over?

Po with sunburn!

What goes black white black white black white?

Po falling down the stairs!

What’s Po’s favourite part of a joke?

The PUNCH line!

What happened when Monkey joined the army?

The first time he saluted, he almost knocked himself out!

What does Po like to drink?


How does Po walk in the snow?


What do you call it when Po gets angry?


Why was the Jade Palace so busy?

Because everybody was kung fu fighting!

What would you call a Kung Fu Cow?

Moo shu beef!

Why did Po bring a ladder to training?

To reach new heights in kung fu!

Why did Po get his own flat?

He was trying to be more inde-panda-nt!

Who did Mr. Ping call when his shop was robbed?

The Po-lice!

What do you call a sheep who’s also a kung fu expert?

Mutton chops!

Why was Master Shifu feeling under the weather?

He had kung flu!

Why does Po cut his pizza in a bullseye pattern?

He wants the inner piece!

In the original script, it looked like Kung Fu Panda was set in Thailand, not China…

But it was just a Thai-Po!

In which country is Kung Fu Panda most popular?


What enemy do the Daleks and Po share?