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20 Side-Splitting Despicable Me Jokes!

These Despicable Me jokes will have you and your minions in absolute stitches!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 7th 2024

The Despicable Me films are absolutely hilarious - and with these jokes, the laughs don't have to end when the film does! These minion-tastic jokes are guaranteed to make you giggle - get your minions to read them out loud to you! And while you're here, why not have a go at our Despicable Me trivia quiz? Or find out which minion you are?

What’s the best car for a supervillain?

A Suba-Gru!

What is a minion’s favourite song?

"Mellow Yellow"!

What is a minion’s second favourite song?

"Yellow Submarine"!

What did the minion say to his favourite food before he left the house?

"I'm going bananas!"

Why couldn’t the minion yell high?

Because he could only yell-low!

Why did Gru leave everything he owned to the girls?

He wanted to make them minion-aires!

Why do minions put sunscreen on their bananas?

To stop them peeling!

What did Scarlet Overkill say to her favourite yellow henchman?

“You’re one in a minion!”

What do you call a tiny, yellow onion?

A mini-on!

What kind of bread do minions love?

Gru-ten free!

I didn’t like Despicable Me the first time I saw it…

But it Gru on me!

Why did the minions give Gru two banana peels for his birthday?

He wanted a pair of slippers!

Why do minions love bananas?

How could you not? They’re so a-peel-ing!

How much do minions love bananas?

A whole bunch!

What is Gru’s favourite type of steak?

Filet minion!

How do the minions save money on groceries?

They use Gru-pon!

What do you call a Nintendo Wii character that looks like Gru?

Despicable Mii!

What did the police officer say when he met Bob, Stuart and Kevin?

"Yellow, yellow, yellow!"

What’s the most popular browser in the Despicable Me universe?


What do minions call their grandmothers?