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20 Wish Jokes That Are The Best in Rosas

Looking for laughs? This list of hilarious Disney jokes is here to grant your every wish! Read on and see for yourself!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2023

The movie Wish has everything you love about Disney - castles, villains, Princesses, even a talking goat! But if there's one wish still waiting to be fulfilled, it's for a huge collection of 20 side-splittingly funny Wish jokes and puns!

Ready to visit the Kingdom? Let's get going! Or if other Disney jokes are more your style you can have a look at these - we've got these Elemental jokes, these Elsa jokes, even these oldschool Bambi jokes!

Phew! So many jokes!

Where does King Magnifico keep his armies?

In his sleevies!

King Magnifico is only 12 inches tall

He’s a terrible king but a great ruler!

Forget the Wishing Star, I’m the brightest star in the sky

I’m Sirius!

I don't like coins with the King’s head on them

But then again, I’ve never liked change!

Why does King Magnifico play poker in the bathroom?

Because nothing beats a royal flush!

Why does the wishing star taste better than a comet?

It's a little meteor!

Why did no one laugh when the King farted?

Because noble gases don't cause a reaction!

Did you hear Valentino got a job in a chip shop?

He’s a battering ram now!

What’s Sabino’s favourite flavour?


Did you know that the King has a son named Joe?

I'm not joking, but he is!

Why is Valentino’s cousin from France so musical?

She has French horns!

King granted me 2 wishes, my 3rd was for him to forget me

He replied: “I am a King, and I shall grant you 3 wishes!”

What does Sabino turn into when he’s bitten by Dracula?

A grampire!

What does Valentino say when he’s bored? 


Goat Jokes
Goat Jokes

King: What is your wish? Me: I wish I had a tail

Kjng: Wejrd but okay!

Queen jokes

What do you call Valentino’s cousin who lives in the mountains?

A hillbilly!

King: What’s your first wish? Toby: I wish I was Rich

King: OK, what’s your 2nd wish? Rich: I want lots of money!

What’s Valentino’s favourite drink?


What did the wishing star get when it came in last place?

A constellation prize!

The King gave me 1 wish. I said “I wish I could be you”

The King saud, "weurd wush but U wull grant ut!"