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Elsa Jokes

If you like Frozen, then know that there’s snow way you’ll find funnier Elsa jokes anywhere elsa. They’re brrrrrilliant!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2022

Elsa from Frozen is the ice princess we all want to be – as long as the cold doesn’t bother you! If you’re looking for Frozen trivia then please check out our 20 Disney’s Frozen Movie Fun Facts You Didn’t Know or our snowtally amusing 15 Spellbinding Snow White Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Why did Elsa blush?

She needed to fart and she just had to let it go!

Elsa LOVES stilton…

The mould never bothered her anyway!

What does Queen Anna say when she is disobeyed?

You’d better do it or Elsa…

What does Elsa have for breakfast?

Ice crispies!

What did Elsa when she ordered steak but got salad?

Lettuce go! Lettuce go!

Disney have started selling Frozen blankets!

I’m not buying one. The cold never bothered me anyway!

Elsa tested positive on her LFT…

She had to go into ice-olation

What is Elsa’s favourite toy?

Lego! Lego!

Did you hear what happened to Elsa’s palace in the Summer?

She had a complete meltdown!

What is Elsa’s favourite food!

Frozen Brrrrrritos!

What's Elsa's favourite type of party?

A snowball!

How does Elsa get to school?

On her icicle!

What is Elsa’s favourite type of cupcake?

She doesn’t care as long as it’s iced!

What is Elsa’s favourite pet?

Her coldfish!

Fish fingers

What did bad Elsa get in her Christmas stocking?

A lump of cold!

Where does Elsa keep all her cold hard cash?

In a snow bank!

How does Elsa make her bed?

With sheets of ice AND blankets of snow!

What did Elsa order at McDonalds? 

An iceberger!

What type of phone does Elsa have?

A snowmobile!

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

Because she’ll let it go!

What did Elsa say when Anna forgot her birthday?

Nothing, she gave her the cold shoulder!

Why doesn’t Elsa ever take a day off school?

Her colds never bother her, anyway!