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15 Spellbinding Snow White Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

What do Walt Disney's eyebrows have to do with this classic fairytale? Find out with this epic list of Snow White facts!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

You might think you know this classic Disney movie - but there plenty of hidden facts behind the scenes. Here are 15 of our faves! For more stuff like this, check out our list of Cinderella facts, Frozen facts or Disney facts!

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1. Snow White's hidden track!

In the original movie, they recorded a whole extra song that got cut from the final version. It was called "Music in Your Soup" and featured Snow White and the 7 Dwarves all eating soup and slurping!

A dwarf eating a bowl of soup

2. That's a lot of pictures!

During production of the original Snow White movie, a team of 750 artists drew over 2 million sketches to help plan out the final animation! There were no computers back then, so this would have taken a really long time.

An artist draws a sketch

3. Who's the most expensive of them all...

The movie was originaly meant to cost $250,000 - but ended up costing $1.5 million! That's very cheap for a movie these days, but back then it was a gigantic amount of money. It was so expensive that Walt Disney had to remortgage his house!

Mickey Mouse and an empty piggy bank

4. Snow White is the youngest Disney Princess

...She's only 14 years old! This is definitely younger than the Snow White's you see at Disney theme parks. Probably because 14 year olds should be at school. Spoilsports.

A Snow White guide at Disney Land
@disneyparks | giphy

5. Weezy, Blabby, Dumpy, Crabby and Deefy

Were all suggestions for dwarves! What even is Deefy?

Two dwarves chatting

6. Not so happy now 🙁

Of all the dwarves, Happy is the only one Snow White never refers to by name. Sadface.

An annoyed looking dwarf

7. When the film was released in the UK...

The UK film board thought it was too scary for children, so they had to be accompanied by an adult. Kids back then must've just been more easily scared!

A woman watching a scary film

8. Snow White was the first movie to...

Release a soundtrack that you could buy! The songs from the movie were on three vinyl record discs, which is a really old way of recording music. Ask your grandad if you never heard of it before. Hehe.

A vinyl turns on a record player
@vinylmeplease | giphy

9. Animals on set!

During the making of the movie, Walt Disney kept live animals just wandering about. This was so that the artists could get regular inspiration from them and make the animation more realistic. Plus it was probably pretty fun!

Some wild animals on a film set

10. Before the Disney version

Snow White was a German folk story, written by the Brothers Grimm. But there have been other versions of the story floating about for much longer, with some ancient Scandinavian versions even having the Queen trying to eat Snow White!


An old spooky book

11. You know how expensive Snow White was?

Well, Walt made his money back. In fact, the famous Disney studios in California were basically paid for by the movie. Nice.

Walt Disney's Burbank studios

12. The voice of the Queen

Was played by the same voice actor as the evil witch. She used to remove her false teeth to get her voice sounding just right. Eww.

Some false teeth jump around on a table
@smiledirectclub | giphy

13. Six of the Dwarves had their eyebrows modelled on Walt Disney's!

The only Dwarf that wasn't was... you guessed it... Happy!

A dog with big eyebrows

14. The Prince was supposed to be a bigger part in the film

But they cut him down a bit as he was so difficult to animate! We think they got it just right in the end.

Prince Charming looks annoyed

15. Snow White 2!

A sequel to Snow White was planned, called Return of Snow White. But Disney decided against it in the end, and he never told anybody why. Maybe he went off dwarves? Maybe he was warned against it by an evil witch? We'll never know!

Snow White looks disappointed to not be in the sequel