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20 Garfield Jokes For Any Day Of The Week

Warning: These hilarious Garfield gags will make you spit lasagna down yourself in laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2024

Like cats? Lasagna? Sleeping? Then you're in the right place! Check out our list of 20 of the funniest jokes and puns about Garfield, the world-famous cat! Dobn't believe us? Just read on!

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Phew ok - back to Garfield!

How does Garfield make coffee?

With a purr-colator!

Why does Garfield like lemons?

He’s a sourpuss!

What’s Garfield’s favourite exercise?

The fork lift!

What does Garfield like to read?


How does Garfield describe his diet?


What’s Garfield’s favourite song?

“I Will Always Love Lasagna.”

What did Garfield say when he finished his lasagna?

“More, please!”

Why did Garfield need an accountant?

He got caught up in a purramid scheme!

Why is Garfield great to play games with?

He’s not a cheetah!

A cheetah on a badminton court

Garfield gets very grumpy sometimes

He throws hissy fits!

Who is Garfield's favourite singer?

Lasagna Del Rey!

Why did Garfield bring a ladder to the bakery?

To get the high-calorie treats!

How does Garfield like his coffee?

With a side of lasagna!

What noise does Garfield in a racecar make?

Meeee - owwwwwww!

What is Garfield’s favourite sport?


Garfield joined the police.

He calls it claw-enforcement!

What's Garfield’s favourite color?


Why is Garfield always sleepy?

Because he was up all night dreaming of lasagna!

How does Garfield medicate when his throat’s killing?


What does Garfield call Mondays?

Lasagna recovery day!

How did Garfield stop the rooster from waking him on Monday morning?

He ate him on Sunday night!

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