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20 Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Jokes!

From West Phiadelphia to Bel-Air, these are the funniest Fresh Prince jokes around!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

Looking for some hilarious 90s TV jokes and one-liners? These Fresh Prince jokes are so funny every Geoffrey would crack a smile! Not a fan of the show? Then try these out instead!

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What is it called when the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tells a lie?

A will‘s myth!

What should you do if you play the Fresh Prince of Bel Air at Fortnite?

Fire at Will!

If the Beast got Febreeze for his lady's room...

...would that make him the Fresh Prince of Belle's Air?

What happens if Will Smith goes back in time ?

He becomes Was Smith!

Did you hear Geoffrey just got false teeth?

Now he’s an indentured servant!

Why could Will Smith never get away with a crime?

First thing they look for at a crime scene is fresh prints!

The Fresh Prince can never get lost....

because where there is a Will, there is a way!

I told my mate that Will Smith is the best rapper of all time.

She said that’s Ludacris!

Uncle Phil owns a whole french fry factory

Sounds impressive, but to him it’s just small potatoes!

How does Will Smith make his coffee?

In the French Press of Bel Air!

Geoffrey just quit his job as a butler...

He refused to be ordered around in that manor!

Uncle Phil wanted to hire a marsupial butler to help Geoffrey

But none of them were koala-fied!

Koala Facts Thumbnail
Koala Facts Thumbnail

Why is Uncle Phil so good at hiding potatoes?

He has a great carbo-hide-rate!

Why does Uncle Phil prefer mashed potato to pea soup?

Because he can mash potatoes!

Potato Jokes!
Potato Jokes!

I can’t believe it’s not Butler!

He said “sorry, I’m a little short!”

What did Vivian say when Phil cooked her dinner?

I can’t believe it’s not Butler!

How many members of the Banks household does it take to change a lightbulb?

None - Geoffrey does it!

Toad jokes

Why did Geoffrey wear 2 jackets while painting the house?

Phil said to put on 2 coats!

Paint pots

What does Uncle Phil wear when he’s working as a judge?

A lawsuit!

How did the detective find Will Smith?

He followed the fresh prints!