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20 Friends Jokes Funnier Than Chandler Bing

Looking to be perked up? Look no further!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  November 11th 2021

The one with Beano's collection of hilarious Friends jokes.

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Why does Phoebe sing outside her front door?

Because she can't find her key!

What does Rachel Green's job title change to in winter?

A brrrista!

Why did Rachel quit her job at the Central Perk?

It wasn't her cup of tea!

Why did Phoebe Buffay's massage business go down hill?

She was putting too much pressure on people!

Why did Phoebe Buffay leave the massage business?

She kept rubbing people up the wrong way!

Monica Geller spilled her herbs all over the floor...

Cleaning it up was a massive waste of thyme!

What does Ugly Naked Guy eat?

Ugly Baked Pie!

How does Phoebe Buffay sell her smelly cat single?

Buy one smelly cat, get one flea!

What's extremely boring, super complex and more mysterious than big foot?

Chandler Bing's job!

Why do Ross and Rachel eat kit kats?

Because they are always taking a break!

Why doesn't Joey Tribbiani go to buffets?


What does Ross Geller say to pick a fight?

I've got a bone to pick with you!

Why did Rachel Green get hired as a waitress?

She brings a lot to the table!

Joey Tribbiani fell through the floorboards...

He was just going through a stage!

Why does Phoebe Buffay take the elevator but her twin sister takes the stairs?

They were raised differently!

Whats Ross Geller's favourite sport?


Which browser does Chandler use?


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