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20 Total Drama Jokes To Eliminate Boredom!

Will that frown survive these 20 belly-busting jokes about everyone's favourite survival show? Check out these cracking cartoon jokes and we'll find out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 19th 2023

A bunch of ridiculous characters stuck on a desert island and forced to do wild challenges... what could go wrong? Explore this epic list of jokes all about Total Drama, the hilarious Cartoon Network show! They might just make this hilarious show that little bit more hilarious-er!

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The contestants are stuck on a blue and red island

They’re marooned!

I want to visit the Total Drama island for my birthday

But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

The new series of Total Drama is just full of cakes!

It’s set on a desserted island!

What is Axel’s favourite drink?

Dr Prepper!

Why are the Ferocious Trouts the best team?

They’re the most efishant!

I just watched the Ferocious Trouts win a challenge!

Now I’m hooked!

Did you hear Julia got a bad cold?

Now she’s an influenzer!

How did Priya win the cabbage challenge?

By being outstanding in her field!

Where do the Frogs leave their belongings at the start of Total Drama?

In the croakroom!

What does it mean when you lose a shoe but still win Total Drama?

You’re a sole survivor!

What’s green purple green purple green?

Bowie rolling down a hill!

What kind of shoes do the Frogs of Death wear?

Open-toad sandals!

A hypnotised frog

What do you call a Total Drama episode where they stare blankly into space?

Mindless entertainment!

Why do the Frogs of Death always win?

Because they eat whatever bugs them!

In Total Drama they sent an eye doctor to an Alaskan island

It turned out to be an optical Aleutian!

Why should boats steer clear of the Total Drama island?

A crash would take atoll on them!

What do the Frogs of Death wear for challenges?


Why do the Ferocious Trouts always win?

Their leader is a fishionary!

Why is Nichelle so bad at hiding?

Because she craves the spotlight!

Who is the thirstiest member of the Frogs of Death?

The one who drinks Canada Dry!