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10 Wednesday Jokes That Are Hauntingly Hilarious

These Wednesday jokes are dead funny... whatever day of the week! Click here for some frighteningly funny TV gags and one-liners!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  April 14th 2023

Big fan of Wednesday and the rest of the Addams family? Well, no matter whether you think Uncle Lester is the simply the best-a or if the Thing is your... thing, you can be sure we'll have a ghoulishly good gag for you in this list! So read on...

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Wednesday's cello loves telling jokes

It's a stand up bass!

How did Enid try to improve her spelling?

By selling her soul to Santa!

What's the Thing's favourite tree?

A palm tree!

Did you hear Gomez disappeared at the butter factory?

It was an unfortunate churn of events!

Why was Wednesday proud to work at the funeral home?

It was a big undertaking!

Wednesday learnt some swear words from Uncle Fester's son

He's always a cousin!

What happened when Thing got in trouble with the Police?

It got put under a wrist!

Where does Wednesday get her super strength?

From all that heavy music!

Did you hear Wednesday got a job as a computer security specialist?

She's hackin' in a coffin!

Which member of the Addams Family loves memes?

It is Wednesday, my dudes!