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10 Hilariously Funny Gorilla Jokes For Kids

Quit monkeying around and try these hilarious gorilla jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 29th 2022

Before you say it, yes we know that gorillas aren’t monkeys - in fact it’s plain to see that these huge primates are a great source of ooo-oo-oomour. They really do put the apes in Japes! So stop your monkey business, and gather your primates around for absolutely bananas bunch of gorilla jokes. These Gorilla Jokes will have you falling out of the trees with laughter. Then check out our monkey jokes and facts and this whole menagerie of animal info!

Why did the gorilla take a banana to the doctors?

He wasn't peeling very well!

Why did King Kong climb the Empire State building?

He couldn't find the elevator!

Where do you find monkey-toast?

Under a gorilla!

What's the same size as a gorilla but doesn't weigh a thing?

A gorilla's shadow!

What's a gorilla's favourite fruit?

An ape-ricot!

What does a Gorilla learn in reception class?

The ApeBCs!

What do you feed a 45-stone Gorilla?

Anything it asks for!

What do they feed gorillas in Paris Zoo?

Ape Suzettes!

Did you hear about the dog breeder who entered a gorilla into Crufts?

She won the beast in show!

What is a gorilla's favourite biscuit?

Chocolate chimp!