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Which Bake Off Presenter Are You?

Which Bake Off presenter is the closest match to your personality? Take the Great British Bake Off Quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022
1/8 Dognut

Favourite cake?


What’s your technical challenge fear?

Beauty and the Beast | Gary Trousdale | Walt Disney Studios via Giphy

What’s your favourite flavour?


What’s your favourite type of pastry?

5/8 Burnt Cake

You’ve burnt a cake. What do you do?

Hey Duggee | Studio AKA & The BBC

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget.


Favourite biscuit?


What’s your top tip for wannabe bakers.

You're Noel. Kooky and Kind.
@greatbritishbakeoff | Instagram

You're Noel!

Kooky and kind, with a dress sense sharper than the broken fragments of an overcooked gingersnap!

You're Pru. Sophisticated and Smart
@greatbritishbakeoff | Instagram

You’re Pru.

You’re not afraid to speak your mind, but underneath that tough crust lies a soft and fluffy, middle.  

Matt Lucas Result Thumbnail
The Great British Bake Off | Channel 4 | Love Productions

You're Matt

Clever and Funny. Your wit is as quick as the cooking time of a particularly thin type of biscuit.

Paul Hollywood. Hard as a rock cake.
@greatbritishbakeoff | Instagram

You're Paul

You're hard-to-please. Imagine you’ve overcooked a rock bun. And used cement instead of flour. That’s how tough you are.