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Can You Ace This Titanic Greek Myths Quiz?

This is a quiz of truly epic proportions! See if you can get full marks - or will you fall into the underworld?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2024

Are you a total Greek mythology nerd, or even just a huge Percy Jackson fan? Then this is the quiz for you! See how much you know about the myths and the gods of Ancient Greece - can you get a top score, or will you freeze up and turn to stone? Good luck! Don't forget to check out our other mythological quizzes, too - find out how much you know about Norse mythology, or see if you can recognise the myth from emojis alone!


Who is the king of the gods?


What fruit did Persephone eat?


What is Poseidon the god of?


What did Pandora open?


How many tasks did Hercules have to complete?


Where do the gods live?


Who was Orpheus' wife?


What is the name of the witch Odysseus encounters, who turns men into pigs?


Who is the god of the underworld?


Who were the Titans?

Oops - looks like you've got a lot to learn about Greek mythology! Don't worry, you can always come back later and have another go!

A nice effort - well done! You know a few things about Greek mythology! We know you can do better though - why not take the quiz again later and see?

Very good! You're a bit of an expert when it comes to Greek mythology - well done! We bet you can get a perfect score though - why not come back later and see?

A perfect score - amazing! You know Greek mythology inside AND out! Well done!