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Christmas Movie Picture Quiz: Can You Guess the Christmas Movie?

Check out these screenshots - can you work out which movie they came from?

1/12 Christmas Movie Quiz
movieclips | Youtube

What film does this picture come from?

2/12 Christmas Movie Quiz
movieclips | Youtube

And this picture? Oh – and we covered up the actor's face with a Brussels sprout to make it harder.

3/12 Christmas Movie Quiz
TheBearAndTheBow | Youtube

Hmmm. Tricky.

4/12 Christmas Movie Quiz
movieclips | Youtube

Which film is this very zoomed-in face from?

movieclips | Youtube

And this (upside-down) festive favourite?

6/12 Christmas Quiz
libertyman | Youtube

Can you guess where this action shot comes from?

7/12 Christmas Quiz
A. Lacerda | Youtube

Who's this fella? Hint – it's not Arnold Schwarzenegger

8/12 Christmas Quiz
UltimateHDVideostify | Youtube

Which film is this scene from?

9/12 Christmas Quiz
Animation & Superheroes Movie – L Picture | Youtube

Which film has this scene?

10/12 Christmas Quiz
Robin020195 | Youtube

Which film is this shot from?

11/12 The Grinch Screenshot
How The Grinch Stole Christmas | Universal Pictures | Ron Howard | Brian Grazer, Ron Howard

Which film has this hairstyle?

12/12 The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas | Walt Disney | Henry Selick | Tim Burton

Which film is this?

Christmas Quiz

Oh-no! Well – at least this is a good excuse to watch lots of Christmas movies this year!

Christmas Quiz

Not bad! Have another go?

Christmas Quiz

Great work! You know your movies!

Amazing work! You're an expert!

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