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Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2017


It’s time to rock!

To the guitar bear! Ooooh yeah

She’s the guitar bear with cool hai-ai-air

The guitar bear! Oooh ye-a-ah

She’s a bear that plays guitar!

The guitar bear doesn’t play for money

She wants to rock the trees for honey...

Oh yeah the bees, don’t look pleased

They want peace and quiet now


And so they say

Buzz Off

Listen to my grizzly sounds

The animals started swaying

To what the bees were playing

It was messing with her plan

So guitar bear waved, she waved to the sound man

Kevin! Turn my amp up from a seven, turn it up to eleven

Then all the way to one hundred and eleven!!

But guitar bear wants that sweet runny honey,

That golden taste inside her tummy

What guitar bear wants, guitar bear gets

With her paws movin' all over the frets

You know what's gonna happen next

You know what's gonna happen neexxttt