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Halloween Party Ideas!

Spook up your party with these awesome Halloween ideas!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Make a paper bat invasion!

To make this spooky look you'll need to draw or print a bat outline as a stencil. Once you've done this, use it to cut out several bats to make enough for a bat catastrophe like in the picture! Stick them around a door, window or vent to look like they're invading! It's super creepy. You could even try this with other animal or bug designs like spiders or cockroaches - gross! 

@budgetdiymom | Instagram

Decorate some donuts!

We all love donuts, but they aren't all that spooky! Why not get some icing and have some fun decorating them? You could try different designs and even make them look super gross. Your friends and family will be super impressed!

@hollyjollyjackolantern | Instagram

Make a halloween themed snack tray

If you want to serve snacks at your party then try this awesome pumpkin face. Use orange food like carrots or crisps to make the face and add something darker for the eyes and mouth. It'll double up as an awesome decoration and a yummy snack - woo!

@ainttooproudtomeg | Instagram

Design a Coco pumpkin!

Bored of cutting out the same old pumpkin faces? Why not give a sugar skull design a go? Paint the pumpkin white and draw on faces with black pen. You can even add flowers and accessories to make them extra cool. This one is particularly great for fans of Coco!

@simoneauxart | Instagram

Use a pumpkin as a snack holder!

Use your pumpkin as a snack holder! For this you could try making your pumpkin really fierce so it's extra funny when your mates have to put their hands in to get their treat!

@forestfeast | Instagram

Make some DIY Bunting!

Try making this Instagramable ghost bunting at home! All you need to do is fold some white wool together, tying thread around the top to separate the head and body. Then draw or stick some eyes on and attach together with wool or thread again! Your friends with be extra impressed with your creativity! 

@sydnimakes | Instagram