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Which Hank Zipzer Character Are You Most Like?

Are you a bit like Ashley? Or at lot like Hank? How about one of the teachers? Take this quiz and find out which character from Hank Zipzer is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 27th 2023

Are you fan of Hank Zipzer and his pals? Of course you are! But which character from the show is most like you? Could it be Hank himself? What about Mr Rock or one of the other teachers? Whoever it is, it could say a lot about your personality and how much you really like the show! If you want to see which character is the best fit for you, then answer these questions!

This epic TV quiz will tell you once and for all!

1/10 Someone painting a picture

Pick a subject:

2/10 A heavy metal fan

Pick a hobby:

3/10 A cheeky koala

Now pick an animal!

4/10 Old fashioned speaker

What kind of music do you listen to?

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

What's the worst bit of trouble you've got into this week?

6/10 A woman riding a shopping trolley

What colour are you wearing right now?


What's the most important thing when it comes to school?

8/10 An angry teacher

If you see someone is having a hard time with something, what should you do?

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

Pick an episode of Hank Zipzer!


Which of these characters is your favourite?

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

You're Hank!

You're the hero of the TV show - Hank Zipzer! You're a smart and creative kid who's always getting into trouble - but it's not your fault! You find some things a bit harder than other kids, and sometimes teachers can treat you unfairly because of it. Luckily, there are lots of ways to get your own back! Not who you wanted to get? Have another go!

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

You're Ashley Wong!

You're Ashley - one of Hank's best friends! You're always by Hank's side - along with your other best friend, Frankie! You're hoping to be a surgeon or paramedic one day, so you're obsessed with First Aid! Not a bad thing for a kid to be into! Not who you were expecting? Have another go and see who you get next time!

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

You're Mrs Adolf!

You're the super-strict teacher, Mrs Adolf! You reckon that if students are struggling, they just need to work a bit harder. Sometimes this works, but sometimes.... well, it doesn't. You're kind of the villainof the show in some ways, but you probably just want to understood at the end of the day. Rather be someone else? Have another go!

Hank Zipzer | Kindle Entertainment / BBC | CBBC

You're Mr Rock!

You're the coolest teacher in school, Mr Rock! As well as being loads of fun in music lessons, you're actually good at talking to students and can really help tem when they need advice. Much better than Ms Adolf! Not the character you expected? Have another go and see who you get!