Hannah Montana Lyrics Quiz

How well do you know Hannah's lyrics? Find out with this quiz!

Hannah Montana Lyric Quiz


What's the name of the Hannah Montana theme song?


Complete this lyric from Best of Both Worlds: 'In some ways you're just like all your friends, but on stage...'


Which one of these is NOT  a song from Hannah Montana: The Movie?


Complete these lyrics from The Other Side of Me: 'Pretend, to my friends, I'm a chameleon, can make a girl feel...'


Which song are these lyrics from: 'You know the secrets I could never tell, and when I'm quiet you break through my shell'

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True or false, these lyrics are in the song Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill): Do the ice-cream freeze, strike your pose

Then you do the milkshake

Shake it, shake it down low

Do the snow-cone slide left to right

Put your hands in the air

And we can party all night


Which Christmas song did Hannah cover in the season 1 of the show?


Complete this song title: Barefoot...?


What's the name of the song Miley makes up to remember the names of bones in class?


Complete the lyrics from the song What's Not To Like: 'Pictures in magazines, autographs and...?'

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