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Hardest Genshin Impact Quiz

Genshin Impact is one of the best and biggest games out there - but are you an expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2024

The world of Genshin is huge, and there is so much to learn and to love - but if you think that you’re a true Genshin lore expert then this is the quiz for you. Will you rise up to Celestia or will your feet stay firmly on the ground? There’s only one way to find out and that’s right here - so let’s see how it goes!

Genshin Impact |

What is the name of the floating world in Genshin?

Genshin Impact |

What is the cat in Wangshu’s Inn called?

Genshin Impact |

When does the Glaze Lily bloom?


What colour are Glory’s eyes?


What is the Geo Archon’s other, disguised name?

Genshin Impact |

If you have a smaller party, what happens to your burst recharge?

Genshin Impact |

What is Bennet’s vision?


What kind of element is the Hydro vision closest to?

Genshin Impact |

What is Mona’s vision?


What animal do Cyno and Razor look like?

Genshin Impact |

Oh dear - it looks like you’ve got a little way to go before you can consider yourself a true Genshin expert - but that’s okay - everyone was a noob once upon a time! You don't wake up as a Genshin legend - after all, there are so many skills to learn! Why not take a breath, and have another go, let’s see if you can do better!

Genshin Impact |

Okay! Now we’re talking! You’ve got a solid skill base and you know how to turn it into quiz victory! That doesn’t mean that there isn’t space to improve! So stick with it and keep it up - you’ve come a long way but the Genshin journey is a long one so let’s get back into it!

Genshin Impact |

Awesome! You’ve done really well! There aren’t many people with the same level of knowledge when it comes to Genshin! You’re really pretty high up in the leaderboards of truly legendary Genshin players! You’ve got almost all of the answers to almost all the questions and it shows - but there is still a little bit of space to improve - after all, who doesn't want to get 100% on a quiz?! Why not have another go and see where it takes you!?

Genshin Impact |

Blam! There you go! You’ve completely crushed this quiz! You’ve beaten the biggest opponents without even breaking a sweat and that’s pretty impressive. It’s not always easy to be at the top of your game all the time but you’ve shown that it’s possible! What’s next though? We’ve got loads of great Genshin quizzes here, so why not see if you can beat them too?!