Harry Hill's Best Jokes Ever!

We sat funny man Harry Hill down and asked him to tell us a joke… and he did!

Harry Hill is our new best mate!

As part of his takeover of Beano (click here to see what happened!) to celebrate the release of Harry's ace new book Matt Millz, we sat Harry down and asked him to tell us some of his favourite gags! Here are a few of our favourites…

"Doctor, doctor, how long can a person live without a brain?"

"I don't know… How old are you?"

Tiny, barely present brain

"Waiter, what's your thumb doing on my steak?"

"I didn't want it to fall on the floor again…"

Thumb on steak

Headteacher: "Do you know how many teachers work at this school?"

Teacher: "I'd say about half of them…"

Lazy teacher

More Harry Hill coming this week

Click here to learn more about Matt Millz, Harry Hill's great new book about the youngest stand up comedian in the world!

He's studied the best. He's memorized all the advice. He spends hours writing new gags and thinking up crazy sketches… So when the school run a talent contest, of course he's going to enter!

Matt Millz
Image by Faber

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