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Harry Hill’s Tips on How To Be a Comedian

Harry's expert advice on how to make your mates laugh!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  October 14th 2017

How do I become a top comedian?

As part of Harry Hill's takeover of Beano this week (click here to see what happened!) to celebrate his new book, we asked him very nicely to share his top tips on how to be a comedian. This is what we got!

Need more tips?

If you want to know more, the best place to start is Harry's new book, the story the youngest stand up comedian in the world – Matt Millz!He's studied the best. He's memorized all the advice. He spends hours writing new gags and thinking up crazy sketches… So when the school run a talent contest, of course he's going to enter!Click here for more information on Matt Millz!