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10 Harry Potter Questions Quiz

The perfect quiz for all Potterheads! Grab a quill and see how many of these questions all about the Harry Potter books you can answer! Some are harder than others! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 22nd 2022

If you want a quick way to test your Harry Potter known-how, this quiz is for you! Here are ten quiz questions on all things Harry Potter! How well will you do? Will you be top of the class, or do you have the brains of a troll? Let's see!

1/10 Sirius, Buckbeak, splat and question mark

Which is the first book in the series?

2/10 Harry's mum on space background with arrow

What is Harry's mum called?

3/10 Weasley's on book background with magic splat

Who is the eldest Weasley brother?

4/10 Harry and grinning cupcake on book background

When is Harry's birthday?

5/10 Snitch, potato on broom on cloudy background

Who does Ireland play in the Quidditch World Cup?

6/10 Lockhart with basilisk on stone background

What happens to Professor Lockhart at the end of the second book?

7/10 Hermione with books in library

Which subject does Hermione get an 'E' in in her OWLS?

8/10 Dumbledore with question mark on stone background

Who betrays Dumbledore's Army?

9/10 Magical creatures on magical background

Who is Firenze?

10/10 Owl, cat and frog on magical background

Which pet is half kneazle?


Magic! You get top marks in Harry Potter knowledge!


Well done! You're a big Harry Potter fan and it shows!


Hmm, well you know one or two things about Harry Potter, but you'll have to do better than that! Try again!


Oh no! A troll could score higher! Have another go!