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Head2Head: Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur

Who do YOU think should win? Vote for Walter or the Mayor!

Last week, Pieface and Smiffy went Head2Head!

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1/5 Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur 1

Whose outfit would you rather wear every day?


  • Walter's School Uniform 0.5 %
  • Wilbur's Three-Piece Suit (and golden Mayor's chain) 0.5 %
2/5 Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur 2

Who is a better pet?


  • Wilbur's Cat Clawdia 0.5 %
  • Walter's Poodle Foo Foo 0.5 %
3/5 Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur 3

Who would you rather join on their perfect day out?


  • Wilbur spending another day behind the mayor's desk doing big and powerful stuff 0.5 %
  • Walter in his quest to collect butterflies 0.5 %
4/5 Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur 4

Whose plan of action is better?


  • Walter wants to replace Olive with a private chef who knows how to tickle his sophisticated tastebuds! 0.8 %
  • Wilbur wants to destroy Beanotown skatepark to make room for a deluxe paperclip factory! ( 0.2 %
5/5 Walter vs. Mayor Wilbur 5

Which prank would you rather play?


  • Whiffing out Wilbur with a stink bomb 0.7 %
  • Splashing Walter with a water balloon 0.3 %

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