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The Ultimate Hide ‘n’ Seek Quiz

Hey - I'm Lambert Llama, and I've hidden myself in 12 different locations! I'm very good at hiding, you won't be able to see me at all - you'll just have to use your psychic senses! Can you find me? Start counting!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

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1/12 Fridge

Where am I hiding in this fridge?

2/12 Pyramids of Giza

What about here at the Pyramids of Giza?

3/12 Woman in supermarket

Where am I hiding in the supermarket?

4/12 Spooky library

How about in this creepy library, where am I?

5/12 Sppoky room

Lots of hiding options in this abandoned house...but where am I?

6/12 Packing boxes

Where am I hiding in this room full of boxes?

7/12 Jungle with animals

Where am I hiding in the jungle?

8/12 Museum

What a lovely museum! Where could I be?

9/12 Underwater reef scene

Where am I hiding in this beautiful coral reef?

10/12 Fun fair

I'm somewhere at the funfair I promise...

11/12 Westminster and Big Ben

Yoo hoo! We're in London! Ready or not!

12/12 Toys on shelves

Finally: where am I here in amongst all these toys?


Incredible! You have the eyes of a hawk! Lambert is very impressed and a bit sheepish! Well, llama-ish more like.


Nice job! Your spidey senses found Lambert most of the time!


Not bad, but Lambert thinks you can do better! Try again!


Uh oh! Looks like you couldn't find your own nose! Never mind, have another try!