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Who Are These Historical Figures Quiz?

They're some of history's biggest leaders, scientists and writers... but can you guess who's who in this historically tricky picture challenge?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 29th 2021

Do you recognise these famous faces? You'll have to be a real history expert to get 100% on this epic picture quiz!

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Wikimedia Commons

So, who's this?

Wikimedia Commons

Aaaaand who's this? Hint - she was a British nurse during the Crimean War and her name ISN'T Florence Nightingale!

Wikimedia Commons

And who's this?

Wikimedia Commons

This woman is most famous for writing stories about rabbits...but she was also a very succesful scientist!

Wikimedia Commons

This man was a BIG figure in the civil rights movement, and helped the USA face up to racism. Any ideas?

Wikimedia Commons

It's another scientist - this time, the person who discovered radiation! Who is it?

Wikimedia Commons

The armies of this Central Asian Emperor rampaged all the way to Europe back in their day. But who is he?

Wikimedia Commons

Subject of military leaders... who is this? Hint - she became a French national hero for fighting back the English during the Hundred Years War.

Wikimedia Commons

Now you might not have heard of him, but this guy was an African King and the richest man who EVER lived. That's right, even richer than that bald guy who owns Amazon!

Wikimedia Commons

Who's this? Hint - she wrote Frankenstein's monster!

Uh oh. History is not pleased. Back to the classroom for you! Have another go?

Hmm. Not bad. Bit rough round the edges but pretty decent - history has seen much worse. Try another history quiz?

Nice work! Not a perfect score but you did well. Some of these were tricky! Now, can you beat this score on another quiz?

Wow! Very impressive! Your knowledge of history is amazing! Just look how pleased history is!