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Hogwarts Legacy Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Are you ready for the most exciting HP game EVER?! Grab your wand and see if you can ace our trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 26th 2023

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest Harry Potter adventure where you can completely customise your own character, then attend classes and fight dark wizards - but you already know that! What you're here for is the top score in a battle of trivia! We hope you were paying attention to the game, cos some of these questions are tricky...

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What decade is the game set in?


What year is your character in?


Luke Youngblood voices Everett Clopton! He was also in the original movies - which character did he play?


Which of these platforms will the game NOT be available on?


The male player character is voice by Sebastian Croft - which TV series did he star in?


What school is Natsai Onai from?


What house is Poppy Sweeting in?


Why does Sebastian Sallow pursue the Dark Arts?


Who is the headmaster of Hogwarts in the game?


What's the name of the helpful house elf?

Not quite there! Maybe give it another go and see if you can bring your score up?

Not bad at all! You're obviously a fan! Why not have one more go and see if you can bring your score up?

Great job! You're a big Hogwarts Legacy buff! Why not give it one more go and see if you can make your score perfect?

Wow, a perfect score! You're gonna be the absolute BEST at Hogwarts Legacy!