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Horned Serpent House Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

If Horned Serpent is the house you were sorted into, you're bound to know all about it! Prove it with a top score on this totally magical trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 23rd 2024

If you're a diehard Wizarding World fan, you DEFINITELY know your Ilvermorny House! Horned Serpent is one of the options, and it's named after a fantastic creature - but that's all we're telling you for now! You'll have to prove your Horned Seprent know-how with a top score in this trivia quiz! See how you do - you're in for a magical time! You can also do our Ilvermorny trivia quiz, or our Ilvermorny house quiz to find out which house you'd be in!


What's the name of the magical school where you will find the Horned Serpent House?


Where will you find the school?


How would you describe students in the Horned Serpent house?


What is the name of the house's founder?


Which Hogwarts house is Horned Serpent closest to?


Which Fantastic Beasts character was in Horned Serpent?


How many other houses are there at Ilvermorny?


In which mythology will you find Horned Serpents?


What is a "serpent"?


Which part of the wizard does the Horned Serpent represent?

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Perfect score - you're an expert! Absolutely magical!