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Hotel Transylvania 3: The Spookiest Summer Vacation Character Quiz

Drac needs a holiday, but which one of the cruise guests are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 26th 2023

Dracula’s cruise is full of some of the most spectacularly spooky characters, from Count Vlad all the way to the loveably squishy blobby! But which one of these guests on the cruise to end all cruises have you got the most in common with? The only place to find out is right here, so what are you waiting for!?


How do you like to travel?


What is your favourite sport?


What is your favourite ingredient from this list?


What animal do you feel most like today?


Which season do you like the most?


There is a snail on your head, what do you do?


Choose your favourite fruit!


Where would you rather go on holiday?


There is a vampire hunter sneaking around the house, what do you do?


There is a worm in your apple, what do you do?

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Nice, You’re Drac! It’s all about you! You’re the main character in your own story, and like Drac you’re always looking out for your friends and family, even if you sometimes make mistakes! The most important thing about Drac is that he’s always there when the time comes to step up to the task - sound familiar?


Awesome, you’re Mavis! Mavis keeps the whole ship going in the right direction, even though she’s one of the younger characters in the story, she has her head screwed on and is one of the most observant characters - without her the whole hotel business would come crashing down! The same goes for you, people rely on you and you always step up to the challenge, nice.


Amazing! We all love Blobby! Although Blobby doesn’t really have a head, legs, a body, or anything really, he is one of the best characters in the whole show. Remember when he saved the day from Bela’s bat minions? Well Blobby is back, and using that gooey multi-coloured blob-like bod to save the day again. Blobby is always there, and and a bit like you, he’s always got his friend’s backs, even if he doesn’t really have one himself!


Alright! You’re most like Ericka! Although sometimes people get things twisted and think that you’re not on their side, just like Ericka, you prove them wrong. Ericka might have had some bad intentions at the start, just like you she learns from the world around her, and knows deep down that first impressions aren’t everything, you should never judge a monster by the cover! Plus she has a big boat, who wouldn’t dig that?!