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How Bash Street Are You? Take our epic quiz to find out now!

Bash Street Quiz

How Bash Street Are You?


1/10 Which Bash Street kid has a skull and crossbones on his jumper?


2/10 Which class are the Bash Street Kids in? 


3/10 Who is Teacher's pet pupil?


4/10 Who dishes out delicious grub every day for Bash Street School's pupils?


5/10 Which of the Bash Street Kids has a pet pebble?


6/10 Which Bash Street Kid owns an apron signed by Mary Berry?


7/10 What is the name of the Bash Street school cat?


8/10 Which of the Bash Street Kids can feel lunchtime coming and recognise people by their taste?


9/10 Who loves animals and has a pet pigeon? 


10/10 Who wears a green jersey which comes up to his nose?

You scored an F Minus! You need to swot up a bit. You better read loads and loads of Bash Street comics 😉

You scored a C Plus! You know your stuff and with just a little more Bash Street knowledge, you'll get an A+ next time!

You scored an A Plus! You're a Bash Street champion!

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