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How Beyoncé Announces Things!

Nobody's better at sharing exciting news with the world than Beyoncé, but how does she announce less exciting things?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 1st 2017

Beyoncé likes to make the most of her big announcements. This is how she announced she was pregnant...

And this is how she introduced the world to her twins, Sir Carter and Rumi

Which got us wondering what Beyoncé's other announcements might be... Like if she's popped to the shops for some crisps...

Instagram | @beyonce

Or if she wanted to tell the world she'd finally caught that Squirtle that she'd been trying to catch for ages...

Instagram | @beyonce

And when she's excited about having a nice big cup of tea in her favourite mug!

Instagram | @beyonce

BREAKING NEWS! She's just seen a bird do a poo on someone's head!

Instagram | @beyonce