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How To Draw a Crystal Skull

No visit to the Rancid Ruins would be complete without a bejeweled bonce - learn how to draw one here! Check it out quick, before some dodgy archaeologist steals it!

Do you like winning prizes? No? Well how’s about drawing crystal skulls then? Thought so! Right, pick up some pens and have a go at this jewel-encrusted nut!

You will need:

  • Art supplies. Whatever you fancy, but some bright colours would be good for this one.

Step 1

Draw a nice smooth dome. Like so!

Step 2

Now draw some cheekbones.

Step 3

Complete the outline of your head by drawing the teethy bit. This is where the teeth will go (technically this is the “upper jaw”, but “teethy bit” is fine).

Step 4

Get those eye holes in. It ain’t a skull without eye holes.

Step 5

Add the nose hole and teeth. It’s starting to look like a skull now!

Step 6

Start adding the crystals, because without these it’d just be a plain ol’ skull.

Step 7

Make those crystals 3D!

Step 8

Now make the whole skull 3D! We’re looking for lots of shiny corners on this noggin!

Step 9

Fill in that diamond skull effect! Colouring in lots of triangles is a good way to do this – just make sure you leave some white bits so it looks shiny. This one is blue because it’s a diamond skull, but red and white would work as a ruby skull too. Or green for an emerald one!

Step 10

Now add some sparkles and extra bits as decoration – whatever you fancy. Just look at that loaf!

You could even combine this skull with the snake from last week to create a really spooky scene!