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How to Draw Baby Groot!

Here's how to draw your very own Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  May 23rd 2017

Step 1: Draw the head

Start with a big U shape 

Then join up the top with a blocky waved line

Step 2: Give him some eyes

Draw 2 squished circles for eyes. Don't forget to draw a small circle to add reflection in there. 

Step 3: Give him a cheeky grin

Draw a few lines to give him some eyebrows and a cheeky smile

Step 4: He needs arms too!

Draw a couple of long arms. They're basically branches!

Step 5: Give him a body

Draw a weird W shape for his body and legs

Step 6: Make him look woody

Add on some patchy bits of wood on his body. There's no real order to this!

Step 7: And vine-y

Fill in the gaps between the wood with twisty vines. Again, no order - just scribble them on!

Step 8: Add some leaves

Draw on a few leaves here and there to your Baby Groot

Step 9: Add some texture

Make your Baby Groot even better and add a few quick lines for texture

Step 10: Get colouring!

Last bit, just colour him in and add some shading and messy moss hair too!