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Keep Your Chin Up! How To Handle It If Your Team Loses!

See your favourite team lose is absolutely rubbish. How do you get over those feelings quickly? Here's how!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 12th 2021

Seeing your favourite team lose can sting like a nettle and that's absolutely fine. But what do you do when it actually happens? Here's some handy hints on keeping your head held high!

1. Take a moment to accept what's happened

OK. The game is over and your favourite team has been defeated. While it's not ideal, there's nothing you can do about the score. It's alright to feel disappointed and sad about it, as it's always exciting to see your team do well in any competition. Feel your feelings. Accept the score and think about how well your team has done regardless of today's game. Think about how you felt before the match. They'll be back on the pitch again soon, and will need your support!

A sad England fan

2. Take a deep breath

Taking some deep breaths will do wonders for your post-game blues. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and try not to think of anything at all. Do this for a few minutes and you'll feel more refreshed. Your team will have still lost the game, but you'll feel less rubbish about the result.

3. Have your favourite snack

You must be peckish after that tense game of football. A snack will take your mind off the game for a bit. So, what about something healthy like fruit? Or how about a bowl of cereal, which is excellent at any time of the day. If it's a particularly chilly evening, you could always ask a grown up to help you microwave a bowl of nutritious soup. Mmm, post-defeat soup.

4. Talk to your friends and family

There's nothing better than having a good chat with your pals or your family. You can see how they're coping with the result too. Talk about your favourite moments from the game or even just tell some silly jokes and get everyone laughing again. See? That's better.

5. Do you something you enjoy

Once you've got over the shock of seeing your favourite team lose, why not go for a walk, play a fun video game or simply walk around the house holding your favourite football scarf over your head? It won't be long until the football season starts again, and we all know what a rollercoaster of emotions that can be. And next time, you'll be more equipped to deal with a bad result or two!