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How to Make Alien Slime!

Here's how to make some super awesome that's out of this world!

How to Make Alien Slime!

Here’s how to make some super awesome that’s out of this world!

If aliens ever arrived on earth, what’s the first thing you’d want to ask them? 

What’s life like on other planets? Nope. 

Okay, how about, can I borrow your space ship? Again, no way!

In reality, the only question we’d want to ask those crazy creatures from outer space would be: How can we make wicked-cool space slime?

Well, fear not, you don’t have to wait for a flying saucer to actually land because we’ve got all the ingredients to help you make your very own cosmic concoction right here!


– Clear glue – Bicarbonate of soda- Contact lens solution – Decorations (like glitter or colouring) 

Mix all the ingredients together!

Mix your clear glue, bicarbonate of soda and contact lens solution together. 

Add in the decoration!

Add sequins and food colouring – or whatever you fancy to make your slime look awesome!

Have fun with your slime!

Play with your alien slime! It’s so awesome!