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How Well Do You Know Blackpink?

Think you're in the pink? test your knowledge with this K-Poptastic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2023
1/19 A TV set

What was the name of their reality TV show?

2/19 Blackpink's debut album
Blackpink | YG Entertainment

What was Blackpink's first album called?

3/19 A person thinking about spelling

What is Lisa's full name?

4/19 Bangkok

Which member of Blackpink was born in Bangkok, Thailand?

5/19 A pineapple and a three colour background

Which member of the group loves pineapples on her pizza?

6/19 A packet of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Which member of Blackpink loves Hot Cheetos?

7/19 Music fans at a concert

What are Blackpink fans called?

8/19 A bulldog puppy

What is Jisoo's pet dog called?

9/19 A name badge saying 'Tony Cabbage'

What is Rosé’s real name?

10/19 Black Pink music video

What are the members of Blackpink called?

11/19 A woman listens to music on big headphones while a cat sings along

What is the name of Blackpink’s debut single?

12/19 The world

Where are Blackpink from?

13/19 A studio microphone

Who is the lead singer?

14/19 A woman listening to music at an oasis

Which song features the lyrics ‘Every time I blow up, show up’?

15/19 A YouTube style screen

Which Blackpink single was the first music video by a K-Pop group to reach 800 million views?

16/19 A music fan listening on headphones

Who was the first member of Blackpink to release a solo single?

17/19 A pineapple on a California beach

Blackpink were the first K-Pop act to perform at which Californian festival?

18/19 A man thinking

What is Lisa's nickname?

19/19 A dog sticking its tongue out and a calendar in the background

What year was Jisoo born?

Blackpink | Youtube

Amazing! A perfect score... you really know your stuff. A great quizzer and a true Blackpink fan! 

Blackpink | Youtube

Pretty good! You are fairly in the know when it comes to Blackpink... but can you beat your score? retake the quiz and find out!

Blackpink | youtube

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Oh dear! more like BlackSTINK! you need to up your game a little... maybe retake the quiz and improve your score?