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How Well Do You Know Obscure Football Trivia?

Did you know the sport of football used to be played with a rolled up armadillo? OH YOU DID, DID YOU? Well we made that fact up to see if you were one of those people who pretended to know things you didn’t really know. Anyway, once you’ve completed this quiz a few times you’ll be a real expert. Use the answers to impress your friends and family if they are the sort of people who like obscure football trivia.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 30th 2021

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Football. It’s a game of two halves… OR IS IT? It might seem like you’re a football expert and the beautiful game comes easy to you. You might be a football trivia EXPERT. You might even be a professional referee. IT DOESN’T MATTER. You will never be able to beat our obscure football trivia quiz!


Can you score a goal if a ball goes flat before it crosses the line?

2/20 Football Referee Quiz

Can you get sent off before the game has started?


Do you get a yellow card for over celebrating a goal (taking your top off) if the goal is disallowed?


True or False? Some clubs insist on having square penalty spots because they are easier to paint.

5/20 A goalkeeper

How long is a goalkeeper allowed to hold the ball


What aren’t goalkeepers allowed to do on the goal line just before a penalty

7/20 A sandcastle in a long jump sandpit

Footballer Darren Bent scored a goal deflected off which strange object?


West Bromwich Albion had which household appliance for a mascot?

9/20 The current England manager

What weird tactic did manager Harry Redknapp once use during a friendly (Gareth would NOT approve)?

10/20 A person clearly keen on doing homework

How did a TV star called Yuri Geller say he was helping Exeter City win a crucial game (just before they lost 5-1)


11/20 What colour kit did Manchester Utd once change from HALF WAY THROUGH A GAME!


Which TV pundit and former manager signed a player partly because he was a famous footballer’s cousin. He wasn’t and only played half a game before being substituted and never playing again.


What is the nickname of football club Chievo?


Spanish club Malaga FC are named after which fish?

15/20 A man eating a snack

What kind of snack is in Reading FC’s nickname?


What is the random nickname of Spanish club, Alabacete FC


17/20 What unexpected animal once invaded the pitch at a Blackburn Rovers vs Burnley game?


What’s interesting about Kazuyoshi Miura who played for Japanese club Yokohama FC

19/20 Dog eating popcorn

TV presenter Gary Lineker (and former England goal scoring legend) is famous for liking what snack?


20/20 Colombian Goalkeeper Rene Higuita somersaulted forward beneath the ball and flicking his heels out, saved a shot on goal. The kick was named after what animal?

Beginner Level. Try again!

Not bad!

Amazing. You know your football trivia

Boss!! Expert Football Trivia. You’re a legend!