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How Well Do You Know The US Presidents Quiz?

How much do you know about the USA presidents? Can you tell your Rutherford B. Hayes from your Ronald Reagan? Take our ultimate presidential quiz and test your knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 13th 2021

There have been 46 US presidents, but how much do you know about them? Take our presidents quiz and see what you know! And if you liked this, why not take our Royal Family quiz? Or how about our Ultimate US History Quiz?

1/20 An image of the first president of the USA

Who was the first ever US president?

2/20 A statue of an American president

Who was President number 44?

3/20 An elephant and a donkey in front of the USA flag

Which party was Abraham Lincoln in?

4/20 Abraham Lincoln

Which president wasn't married?

5/20 Preamble to the United States Constitution

Who was President twice (non-consecutively)?

6/20 The four presidents carved into the rock face of Mount Rushmore

Which presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore?

7/20 A peach

Who is the only president ever to have been impeached twice?

8/20 The US flag with a big question in front of it

Who was president during WW2?

9/20 A cuddly toy bear and an actual bear

Which president inspired a soft toy?

10/20 A woman and a llama voting

Which of these presidents was a vice president first?

11/20 A man carrying the contents of his office in a box

Which president only lasted one month before dying?

12/20 A person in a shirt casting their vote

What year was the first ever US presidential election?

13/20 A big fluffy dog

What was President Obama's dog called?

14/20 A dad gives his adult son a playful headlock

Which of these presidents also had a dad who was president?

15/20 A young girl holding a sign saying 'Future President'

How many female presidents have there been?

16/20 Some people dressed as Americans from ages ago

How many female vice presidents have there been?

17/20 The president's house, which is painted white

Where does the president live?

18/20 A pineapple in a bowling alley

What was installed in the White House when Harry Truman was there?

19/20 A cat meowing in a theatre

How many presidents have been assassinated?

20/20 A fluffy dog wearing fancy dress horns

What was John Adam's dog called?

George Washington in front of the USA flag

Presidential perfection! You know everything about these guys and what they did! Nice one, patriot! Have an American eagle on us.

A donkey in front of the USA flag

Well done! You're a big US history buff and it shows!

An elephant in front of the USA flag

Hmm, you know a couple of the basics about the US presidents, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again!

A crying eagle in front of the USA flag

Oh no! Your unpatriotic result made this noble eagle cry! Have a hamburger, wipe away your tears with this stars and stripes flag, and have another go!