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The Essential British Royal Family Quiz!

The British Royal Family are Famous the world over! But how much do you know about them? Test yourself with our epic quiz and see how much of a Royal expert you are! Good luck!

The Royal Family has been part of British lives for around 1200 years! That’s a lot of kings and queens, beginning with Athelstan in 925!

How much do you know about their history? Test your royalty trivia by taking this very fancy quiz!

1/20 Castle with arrow pointing to it

Where is the Royal family's main residence?

2/20 Royal carriage with Beano egg and pineapple

Who married Prince Harry in 2018?

3/20 Statue of Queen Victoria with splats

How was Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria?

4/20 List of names scored out and question marks

What was the Royal family's surname before they changed it to Windsor?

5/20 We can do it woman on yellow background with black splats

What did Queen Elizabeth II do during The Second World War?

6/20 Man in crown on grey background with splats

Who is the Prince of Wales?

7/20 Cake with two candles and face, the number 2 and splats on blue background with sprinkles

Which member of the Royal family has TWO birthdays?

8/20 Crown and tiger in crown on red background

Who is the longest reining British monarch to date?

9/20 Puppy with love hearts

What was Queen Elizabeth's favourite type of dog?

10/20 Horse rider with Beano horse

Which Royal has won an Olympic medal for horse riding?

11/20 Wedding dress train with screaming pineapple on it

How long was Diana's wedding dress train?

12/20 Spanish palace with question mark

Which Royal family did Prince Philip originally come from?

13/20 Helicopter with Beano hazard tape

True or false: The Royal family are not allowed to travel in helicopters?

14/20 Children dressed as royals on white background with yellow splats

How many brothers and sisters did Queen Elizabeth have?

15/20 Sweets with goofy eyes

What was Queen Elizabeth II's favourite sweet?

16/20 Looking up at cathedral with derpy giraffe

Where are monarchs traditionally buried?

17/20 Swan in snow with Beano dolphin

Which of these animals does the Monarch officially own?

18/20 Royal man in sunglasses on dark background

Who was Queen Elizabeth II's dad?

19/20 Gong with goofy face

What wakes the King up every morning?

20/20 Someone holding a crown with arrow pointing to it

What age was Queen Elizabeth when she was crowned?

Wow Result

Incredible! You're knowledge of the Royals is astounding!

Well done result

Very well done – her Maj would be impressed

Try again

Hmm, not bad, but not great – try again!

Oh no result

A Right Royal muck up! Oh dear, have another go!