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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Quiz

It's a huge day for Queen Liz and for the whole country - but how much do you know about the Queen and her Jubilee?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Ā  May 31st 2022

The Queen of England has been around a long time, she's seen the world change around her and been the face on English coins and stamps for what seems like forever! As she reaches her Platinum Jubilee it is about time to test your knowledge of Britain's longest reigning Queen! Let's go!


How many years of rule does the Platinum Jubilee celebrate?


How many Corgis has the Queen owned?

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When was the Queen crowned?


How old was the Queen when she was given her own house?


What is Platinum?


What wild animal does the Queen own all of?


How much is her big shiny hat worth?


How much land does the Queen own?


What were the beacons that will be set alight for her Jubilee originally used for?


Who was the lead singer of Queen the band?

Uh Oh! Maybe it's time to brush up on your quiz knowledge rather than spending so much time brushing the lovely manes of the Queen's favourite horse? Why not try again and see if you can do better?

Pretty good stuff! You clearly know a thing or two about Queen Liz! This race horse on it's way to the queen's personal box at the Epsom Derby certainly thinks so anyway!

Wow! You're a smart one! Congrats! You know almost everything there is to know about the Queen and her Jubilee! Maybe if you're lucky she'll let you pet one of her dogs!?

WOAH! Excuse me, are you actually the Queen in a disguise?! We're very impressed by your amazing score, full marks! Maybe it's worth checking to see if you're a distant cousin of the royal family, your knowledge is exceptional! Nice!