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How Will You Spend Your Hogwarts Summer Break?

It's the holidays! You're out of Hogwarts for the whole summer! But where are you going in the magical world? Take our quiz and we'll tell you where you'll end up! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 3rd 2021
1/12 Someone taking exam with arrow

How did you do in your Hogwarts exams?

2/12 Potions, spellbooks, wand in library

Which subject did you enjoy the most this year?

3/12 Fancy feast with yellow splats

What will you miss the most about Hogwarts when you're gone?

4/12 Ghost, owl and centaur on magical background

Pick a Hogwarts creature

5/12 Old tavern with Beano Hagrid

What's your favourite place in Hogsmeade?

6/12 Ice cream with face in icecream shop and Beano phoenix

Pick a Diagon Alley shop

7/12 Beano elf, sledge and snowy scene

What did you do at Christmas?

8/12 McGonagall cat on magic background

Pick a Professor

9/12 Sweets and screaming snitch

Pick a sweet

10/12 Sausage dog in sunglasses on beach with screaming pineapple

What's most important to you during the holidays?

11/12 Old lane with Harry Potato

Do you get to see much of the Wizarding world when you're not at Hogwarts?

12/12 Screaming Pineapple on four poster bed

What will you do the second you get back to Hogwarts?

Egypt result


Nice! You're on a Wizarding tour of Egypt and it's cool tombs and curses! Check out all the ancient Wizarding history (and the Muggle history) and maybe ride a camel!

London result

Wizarding London!

You're off to cool and hip Wizarding London to check out all its best shops and attractions - including Diagon Alley of course! Don't forget to pick up school supplies!

Ilvermonry result

Summer camp at Ilvermorny!

You're going to the US of A for a summer camp at Ilvermorny! Make like the American Wizards and enjoy camping, the great out doors and Wizarding Smores on a magical campfire!

Romania result

Dragon hunting in Romania!

Ooh, cool! You're off to look at dragons in Romania, where they still have loads of them! Have fun finding all the different species, and be careful not to get burned - by the dragons or the sun!