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The Ultimate I Can See Your Voice Quiz

How much do you know about this singing show? Test your trivia now!

It’s the TV programme which is the highlight of Saturday nights! How much do you know about this sneaky singing show? Let’s find out!

1/12 Map of the world

In which country did I Can See Your Voice originate?

2/12 Allison Hammond on I Can See Your Voice

How many rounds are featured in the game?

3/12 Paddy McGuinness and two contestants on I Can See Your Voice

What is the first round called?

4/12 Korean logo for the show I Can See Your Voice
CJ ENM, Signal Entertainment Group

How many versions has the original show inspired across the world?

5/12 A pizza slice and a Bulgarian flag

Bulgaria's show is called Пееш или лъжеш. What does that translate into English?

6/12 Blurred image of I Can See Your Voice host

Who is the host of the UK version of I Can See Your Voice?

7/12 A judge in court

Which of the following is not a judge on the UK show?

8/12 A fried egg and a Spanish flag

In Spain, the show is called Veo cómo cantas. What does that mean in English?

9/12 A guest on I Can See Your Voice

What's the name of this special guest on the UK show?

10/12 A man counting
Achievement Hunter | Giphy

How many mystery singers take part in each show?

11/12 The I Can See Your Voice UK panel

During the UK show, there's a video of each singer which is used to trick the judges into believing they're the real singer. What is it called?

12/12 Paddy McGuinness wincing at a bad singer

In the first UK series, a junior doctor called Devon Chapman tricked everyone and won £10,000 even though they were a 'bad singer'. True or false?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Result: Good

Good! You did quite well. How about another go?

Result: Great

Great work! You must be a fan of the show!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're some sort of I Can See Your Voice expert!

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