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15 I Woke Up a Vampire Facts

Think you know this spooktacular vampire comedy show? Swot up on these 15 intriguing I Woke Up A Vampire facts!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 28th 2024

Are you a fan of this epic coming-of-age teen show with added vampires? No? Well you can't have seen it yet! Because this light-hearted and fun show is definitely worth a watch, especiallyif you like kid-friendly drama, laughs and of course - vampires! So read on if you want to know all the facts behind the Netflix show!

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1. It's a coming-of-age show!

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

In I Woke Up a Vampire, Carmie wakes up on her 13th birthday to find out that she's actually half-human, half-vampire! Now this is a great idea for a show, but it also let's them talk about things that regular kids face too. So yes - it's about vampires, but it's also about being a normal kid! And that can be just as exciting sometimes!

2. It follows lots of other great kids shows

I Woke Up A Vampire has lots of original things about it, but the idea of mixing spooky stuff and teenage drama is quite an old one. There are classic ones like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Vampire Diaries, all the way up to more recent ones like Wednesday. It's clearly something that just works!

3. It's pretty chill

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

Despite featuring monsters and fantastical creatures like vampires and werewolves, the show is pretty laid back and fun to watch. It's not fast-paced or scary, and is a great watch for kids who aren't in the mood for anything with big jump scares or horror!

4. It's Canadian!

People who live in Europe may just assume the show is American, because they usually are. But actually I Woke Up A Vampire was made by a Canadian TV company working with Netflix. Wherever you're from though, you'll definitely still be able to relate to the characters!

5. Vampires are still popular!

Just like shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and others, I Woke Up A Vampire shows how we are all still interested in stories about monsters and strange creatures. Vampire stories go back a long time, but stories about monsters are probably as old as humans are! Myths and legends are always getting remade, and this show is the latest example!

6. It's a bit younger than other shows

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

This is a teen show, but unlike some it's aimed at the lower end of the teenager's age range. And it's perfectly safe for even younger kids to watch too! This means the show can use more silly jokes, and doesn't need to bother with more serious topics. This makes it really watchable and fun!

7. The creator is a big deal

The show was created by someone called Tommy Lynch - who might not be a big Hollywood name, but has made a bunch of really popular kids shows. His work includes The Secret World of Alex Mack, Safari Scout, The Troop, The Jersey, and many more! Have you seen his other shows? Can you see any similarities?

8. Carmie is played by Kaileen Chang

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

The actor who plays Carmie the main character is called Kaileen Chang. Her mum is Latinx and her dad is originally from Taiwan, a small country south East of China. Her background used to be quite unusual to see on TV, but thankfully the actors picked for shows have started to better reflect the people who watch them - the audience - which are of course from everywhere! This is only a good thing!

9. Kaileen does lots of charity work

For a kid, Kaileen does an amazing amount of work to support good causes! The cause that's most important to her is helping raise the profile of kids with Down's syndrome. The reason she is so passionate about it is because her sister Jaylee has the condition - so it's a cause very close to her heart.

10. Everyone loves vampires!

There have been so many vampire shows over the years! Lots of them are obviously pretty scary and definitely aimed at adults (vampire do drink blood, after all) and come from a long history of scary stories. Probably the first ever vampire story can be traced back to Vlad the Impaler, a king who lived in what is now Romania, in the 1400s. So I Woke Up A Vampire comes from a long line of vampre stories!

11. No horror!

Amazingly for a show based on something so gruesome, I Woke Up A Vampire is really fun! It's totally kid friendly and the drama of the sow really comes down to Carmie's personal life - not the fact that she's a vampling! This makes the show much more relatable, and no blood is needed!

12. Dylan Helsing!

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

Helsing isn't just a cool name - it also comes from the original Dracula stories by Bram Stoker. Abraham Van Helsing was Dracula's enemy in the book, and he stopped at nothing to try and track Dracula down. So Dylan's surname in the film is a nod to that!

13. Kev is a pretty successful actor

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

Carmie's best friend Kev is played by Niko Ceci - who is a really succesful actor for a fourteen year old! He has acted in quite a few shows already, like Odd Squad! He's also voiced a lot of cartoons, like Corn and Peg, and even Clifford the Big Red Dog!

14. There's a new season out in 2024

The first season came out in 2023, and fans have been waiting since then for the next series! Thankfully, series two came out in April 2024, so we have finally been allowed to catch up on what Carmie and her pals have been up to! Phew!

15. The acting is great!

I Woke Up A Vampire | Tom Lynch Company, Family Channel, Wildbrain | Family Channel, Netflix

Series one of the show got mixed reviews - kids loved it, but some adut critics said it was too relaxed and not vampue-y enough. But hey adults, it wasn't made for you! One thing most reviewers did agree on though was that the acting is really good throughout! We're waiting to see what other great shows Kaileen and her friends get to be a part of in future!