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Empowering International Women's Day Quiz!

See how much you know about the most amazing women who've ever lived!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 10th 2024

Happy International Women's Day! It's a great time to learn all about the history of women's rights, and about some of the most incredible women who ever lived! This quiz will test some of your knowledge - but there's so much more to learn about amazing women when you're done! See how well you know these famous British women, or try our ultimate women's football quiz!


When does International Women's Day take place?


In which year were some women first granted the right to vote in the UK?


What were the qualifiers for women voters in 1918?


Why is Elizabeth Garrett Anderson important?


What did Marie Curie win a Nobel Prize for?


Who was the first woman in space?


Which modern field did Victorian Ada Lovelace help to develop?


Which Hollywood actress helped to develop WiFi?


True or false: women couldn't have their own bank accounts in the UK until 1975?


Why is Rosa Parks famous?

Oh no - looks like you have a lot to learn about International Women's Day! That's okay - it's good to learn!

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WOW - a perfect score! Well done!