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Iron Man Vs Captain America Quiz!

Ever wondered which of these superheroes would win in a battle? Time to find out once and for all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2023

Both Iron Man and Captain America are incredibly powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, they have enough strength in their little toes to throw an elephant over the River Thames, not that they would because they’re good guys, but what would happen if they were in direct competition?! Your choices will determine which of these Superheros can make the best choices! Let’s see!


An alien species is firing lasers at Earth - how does Iron Man react?


Captain America is trapped in a mountain top prison, what does he do?


Iron Man is lost in the woods, what does he do?


Captain America’s spaceship is crashing, what does he do?


Captain America doesn’t have any clean pants - what does he do?


Iron Man is in a 1 on 1 with Venom, what is his first move?


Iron Man has a bad tummy but is still hungry, what does he eat?


Captain America is stuck in traffic, what does he do?


Iron Man is escaping the Stark Industries HQ, what does he take with him?


Captain America has a maths exam tomorrow morning, what does he do the night before?

Iron Man Wins!

Whether it was through skill, or just sneaky inventions, Iron man has taken the win! The choices you made decided the fate of the competition! Some say it’s chance, but deep down we all know that Iron Man, with all the money and machines of Stark Industries behind him, would always triumph!

Captain America Wins!

Nice! That shield of his really is something right! Without it he’d be nothing more than a regular person! The choices you made have ended up with Captain America taking the win, he was always the underdog, but surprises can always happen, even in the Marvel Universe! But remember, if you’re not happy, why not give the quiz another go and see if you can change fate!